Some Prime Factors Responsible for Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major concern for millions. Female hair loss is an increasing problem that has affected millions of women in the United States. For a human, the hair growth rate is half an inch and the growing phase of each hair is from two to six years. Thereafter, the hair remains for a while and then starts shedding. There are some who are genetically subject to hair loss since a group of hormones affect the hair growth process to a great extent. The hormones responsible for hair loss are testosterone, androsteinedione and dihydrotestosterone. However, some of the hair follicles die with the passage of time and the others are no longer able to produce hair.

The medical term for female hair loss is ‘female pattern hairloss’. The very term indicates that there are many other causes behind this problem. The other causes include blockers, enzymes and hormone receptors. Owing to diffusion, the female pattern baldness gets encircled on the top portion of the head. Also, the hormone receptor sites and the enzyme differ throughout the scalp.

A primary cause behind female hair loss is polycystic ovary syndrome which is a major female hormonal problem. Far more information here – Michael ZachariaIn fact, there are several autoimmune disorders that cause scalp inflammation. This brings out hair in clumps or patches. The natural hair growth patterns of women are also affected by several factors like childbirth, surgery, thyroids, dieting, anemia and several other health complications.

There are several websites that can help you provide plenty of remedies for female hair loss. In fact, you can contact a health expert and get advice prior to going for a treatment. In fact, one should always adopt an appropriate diagnosis of their concerned problem and hunt for the right treatment procedure. If you wish, you can go for a scalp biopsy or a plain blood test.