How To Lower LDL Cholesterol Effectively

First off, let me explain what LDL cholesterol actually is. LDL cholesterol is a type of lipoprotein which is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol, because high levels of it indicate a high risk of heart disease, you can read more on Now that we know how serious it is, let’s look at how to lower LDL cholesterol.

The biggest culprit of high cholesterol is undoubtedly our daily diet. A diet high in saturated fat is a sure fire way to increase LDL cholesterol and put ourselves at risk for heart disease, clots, stroke and, left untreated, even death.

It is essential that you not only learn how to lower LDL cholesterol, but you incorporate what you learn into your daily life.

Modifying your daily diet to reduce foods high in saturated fats, like dairy products and red meats, will definitely help lower cholesterol. Biscuits, cakes, cheese, spreads, pork, beef, lamb etc., when overused, contribute to high cholesterol.

Adding more fruits, vegetables and foods like peas, beans and oat bran, which are rich in dietary fibre, will all answer the how to lower LDL cholesterol question.

Adding or increasing physical exercise is another natural way to lower bad cholesterol. Start off slowly, especially if you have not exercised for a while. The worse thing you can do is go off all guns blazing on some mad exercise routine! For one, you will never sustain this, and two, you will probably injure yourself.

Our bodies need nutrients, and what with all the health scares we have had, bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, to name but a few, we are no longer certain of what nutrients we are really getting in our daily diet.

To this end, when I carried out my in depth research on how to lower LDL cholesterol, as a long time sufferer of high cholesterol, I specifically looked into what natural supplements were available to aid this process and sustain it long term.

Any natural supplement used to lower cholesterol, absolutely, without doubt, must have the best of the best of proven nutrients. This is absolutely imperative. There are so many gimmicky supplements out there on the marketplace, which fail to deliver on how to lower LDL cholesterol, and in some cases, cause adverse side effects in other areas of our bodies.

LDL cholesterol is not something to be messed around with or ignored. It is serious. The question is, how serious are you about dealing with it?