175The Price of Hunger- Live Below the Line Challenge – Words 588

 Have you ever been hungry? I mean truly hungry. People all over the world, at this very moment, have no idea where their next meal is going to come; and others have less than $1.75 a day to feed themselves and their families- A DOLLAR SEVENTY FIVE!

Today’s guest post is about a challenge that aims to not only show people what living off of $1.75 day is like, but to experience it; in an effort to raise money to support those who live with hunger pangs as a part of daily life.

Please read on, participate, pledge or donate, so that hunger can soon become a thing of the past.


Live Below the Line Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge?  Can you wrap your head around five days of your groceries ringing in at less than nine dollars?  That’s eating off of $1.75/day. WAIT! I can’t even get a coffee for that, let alone a latte, LET ALONE a day’s worth of sustenance!

The truth is, over a billion people in our global community don’t have to wrap their heads around this daily budget—it’s their reality.

Raising The Village, a Canadian Not-for-Profit that focuses on grassroots development initiatives in some of the most remote and impoverished regions of sub-Saharan Africa, is partnered with the Global Poverty Project to challenge the world to not just think about global poverty, but to experience it by taking the Live Below the Line challenge—feeding yourself off of $1.75/day for five days.  This challenge puts you on par with 1.2 billion people who live in absolute poverty, depending on less than the challenge’s daily budget to fulfill all of their basic needs, not just their nutritional ones.

In the past celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Sophia Bush and Canadian comedians Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus have taken on the LBL challenge, and this year on April 28th, Edmonton’s own Mayor, Don Iveson, is joining the ranks.  Mayor Iveson aims to raise $1,000 for The Global Poverty Project, and to inspire Edmontonians to join the challenge and gain some understanding of what living below the global poverty line is like.

Imagine yourself in the thick of the LBL challenge—if sneaking hits of calorie rich protein powder or an occasional spoonful of peanut butter are images conjuring in your mind, you’re not alone in thinking this challenge is unattainable and far-fetched.  However, remember why this challenge is a challenge in the first place—food is a means of survival, not a means of pleasure for many people and ignoring hunger pangs is a daily battle that billions suffer through.

We in Canada are lucky to have the choice of what we put in our bodies, what we feed our children and to fulfill our late-night cravings for whatever chocolaty, ice creamy, salty treat our minds can materialize.  Not for $1.75 though.  So, what can you eat for such a low daily cost?

Past participants of the LBL challenge believe the key to success over the five days is to plan, plan…PLAN!  Research which foods are nutrient dense, caloric and of course, cheap!  Find places where ingredients can be purchased in bulk staying away from brand names and excess packaging that bump food prices up.  Most importantly, stay focused on the reason the LBL challenge exists and the people still facing the challenge when the five days of LBL are up.