Itunes LP – Provides additional content such as texts, notes, photos and other content

There was a time when purchasing an album meant not only getting the music but also a tangible experience through the additional content that came with it, such as lyrics, album covers, and … Read more

We’ve begun work on figuring out exactly how this new iTunes LP format works

We’ve all been there. You buy an album on iTunes, and along with the amazing music you know and love, comes a little extra something called the “iTunes LP.” This digital bonus contains … Read more

At the moment, these iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras are only available for the selected new release list in the iTunes store

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iTunes LP – The format is also used in iTunes Extras, a DVD-like add-on for movies purchased from the iTunes store

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iTunes LP is a new format introduced by Apple with version 9.0 of their popular iTunes software

When the very first iPod was released in October 2001, it revolutionized the music industry and sparked the digital era of music distribution. New formats were developed to meet the demands from consumers … Read more